Weidl & Company. 

Our story.

We create success.

we are a private, independent and international executive consulting company.


our Mission

We help individuals and organisations to fully realise their potential. To sparkle the love for success. 

Since three decades we are working at the top of the economy. Consulting a variety of companies by placing Top Leaders for their Executive and Non Executive Board positions. We work for international conglomerates, small to medium sized companies and start ups. 

Our conviction: You have to understand the laws of success across industries and functions and adapt them to the specific business situation. 
Our credo: The Business Model of the client is the key. According to the Business Model and the strategy you have to define which competencies and skills are necessary for future success. 

Therefore we breaking the traditional silos and act cross industries and functions to create more and better alternatives. We enhance the possibilities of a solution. 

Excellent and sustainable consulting is based on a creative interaction between client and consultant. An exchange that pushes boundaries and creates new alternatives. Therefore clients have to be open for change. Consultants on the other hand have to be courageous to ask unpleasant questions and challenge the status quo. If both parties are willing to cooperate in such a way something great can be achieved. 

To clients and candidates we are their "Trusted Business Advisors" - absolut trustworthy partners.    

Our clients and candidates ask our advice also to issues beyond our pure business expertise. Because we identify patterns and details that others would not see - in a strategy, in the behaviour of a manager, in stakeholder's expectations. We pick up these elements, analyse them and put them into a new holistic perspective. Based on our long experience, creativity, intuition and international network of excellent contacts. 

New insights beyond traditional boundaries. We create realities. Our promise: LIVED SUCCESS.

With our consulting philosophy we place Top Executives who are real personalities with authenticy, values and principles. Able to move companies forward. We create success.
— Dr. Bruno J. Weidl

our values


    We act with respect, professionalism, quality and transparency amongst ourselves and towards clients and candidates. Trust is the foundation of our behaviour. We take full responsibility for our actions. We consider ourselves as value based agents of change. 


    We do not act hasty or superficial. Instead we analyse thoroughly and think holistically. To challenge the status quo and generate innovative alternatives is part of our DNA: from TINA (There Is No Alternative) to MONA (More Options, Noble Alternatives).  


    We are convinced that Big Data, pure logic and algorithm driven information is not enough for important decision. Instead you have to incorporate intuition, experience, empathy and values. We support great ideas for our clients and candidates to generate a significant value add. We capture the facettes of quantitative and qualitative facts. Therefore we always focus on the entire picture.  


    We love what we do. With passion and clear mind. We have the courage to act. We respect our entrepreneurial responsibility for our clients and candidates, our employees and society in general. We are open and willing to learn and adapt to new circumstances. Our company grows continually and our economic strength is the foundation for stability and innovation. For the benefit of our clients and candidates.