Executive Search.

Finding the best.

We create success.

asking the right questions to give the best answers.

casting top executives is an extraordinary opportunity for innovation and diversity

These two factors are important for the future of a successful company. Digital Transformation asks for new profiles of leaders. To achieve excellence a top business performer has to have four core competencies: Managing Business, Leading People, Leading Yourself, Managing Digitalisation.  Our conviction: Excellence is based on individual competencies and not simple industry or functional experience.

Diversity is the answer to the disruptions in our present VUCA world (Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, Ambiguity). More and better alternatives have to be reaction to the fast changing world. This is what we call SMART SEARCH

We help our clients to find and recruit Top Executives for their mission critical positions. First and second line officers as well as Non Executive Directors: 

  • Personalities with purpose, principles and proven track records.
  • Strong individuals and teamplayers. 
  • Personalities to generate success.

Executive Search with a different approach: the business model is the key.

Therefore we think and act beyond the traditional silo mentality. across the boundaries of industries and functions to generate more and better alternatives for greater success.


"think holistically, act entrepreneurial, be human, deliver results."

Dr. Bruno J. Weidl



Executive Coaching.

Empower the best. 

We create success.

Develop your own destiny.

We support managers to navigate successfully through their change AND transformation processes for a sustainable career and personal development. Realise your potential ! Celebrate Yourself !

Our coachees value our competencies in various fields of knowledge. Business Administration, Psychology, Philosophy, Communication and a broad experience as Top Manager, Entrepreneur, Investor, Consultant and Coach form a unique blend of expertise. In combination with a significant degree of analytics, creativity and intuition extraordinary results will be generated. Coaching with a pervasive impact on your life. 

Our Coaching comprises of three phases: 

  1. Reflect - get a common understanding of the present situation and past developments. An Executive Profiling helps to reveal the mindset, values, principles, competencies and skills of the coachee.   
  2. Revise - develop a "Personal Business Model" covering individual purpose strengths and weaknesses, talents and potentials for a dedicated development path. 
  3. Act - Marketing and Sales of the new professional agenda.  

Listening is one of my personal strengths. I communicate in an open and straight way respectful and with honesty: This approach allows a trustful and individual relationship between coach and coachee to ask the right questions, challenge assumptions, develop solutions and create new realities. I am your sounding board.
— Dr. Bruno J. Weidl